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Everything You Need to Know about Satellite Television

Satellite television is a very popular choice for high quality television programming. The popularity of satellite television is at an all time high as more channels than ever are offered for the consumer’s viewing pleasure. The quality of the programming is increasing as well, as many high definition channels are now available. Satellite television is an advanced technology that benefits the consumer.

Satellite television is television that is brought to the consumer by way of communication satellites. This is opposed to traditional cable television and terrestrial television. Satellite television supplies many areas of the world with a wider range of channels and with sub subscription services. Satellite television was first brought to North America by way of Europe in the 1960’s. The first national network designed for satellite television was put in place in the Soviet Union and was called Orbita. Direct Broadcast Satellite, or DBS, is a relatively recent technology that is utilized by popular service providers like DirecTV. These DBS systems are usually referred to as mini-dish systems. This system implements a smart card technology that decrypts the information sent from the satellites to the consumer.

The satellite television system is similar in concept to the older technology of broadcast television. Both of these systems utilize radio waves to transmit signals directly to the viewer’s television. The limitation of broadcast television is the range the signal can travel. Satellite television enhances on this concept by using satellites in space to send television programming to a great part of the world.

Satellite television is completely digital which means that it is a much higher quality with better picture and sound. Satellite television uses broadcast centers to make their programming available. The broadcast center is where the television service provider receives the various programming and with it they beam it to the satellites that are orbiting the earth. These centers covert the programming into a high-quality, uncompressed digital stream. This stream contains vast amounts of data for each of the channels. This stream must then be compressed and sent to the satellites to send the programming to the consumer.

DISH Network and DirecTV are the two major satellite providers. They offer hundreds of channels straight to the consumer. These hundreds of channels are full of different, interesting programming. Satellite television offers lots of great channels: Movie channels-HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz, TMC, and more.

Sports channels-football, baseball, basketball, motor sports, golf, tennis, hockey, soccer, skating, outdoor sports, and more.

Special Interest channels-travel channels, news channels, science channels, nature channels, Disney channels, weather channels, cooking channels, how-to channels, and more.

The popularity of satellite television will continue to rise as it continues to offer the consumer everything promised. Satellite television is the singular outlet for massive amounts of quality programming that cannot be found anywhere else. The combination of hundreds of channels, the highest quality programming around, and great 24 hour customer service ensure satellite television a place in the present and a even larger place in the future of quality television service.

Written by David Johnson.