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Questions to asked before getting your satellite TV deals

For satellite TV shoppers that are looking for the best dish TV deals, here are some basic questions to be asked about a dealer before any money are paid. These are basic, but important consumer questions as assigning a reliable satellite TV dealer are the most important thing to secure a good deal.

So whatíre the questions to ask about your satellite TV dealers? 1. Whatís free and whatís not? Satellite TV dealers are offering free satellite systems everywhere. But not every free deals are the same Ė some offer free satellite TV systems free for four rooms, some three rooms and some maybe single rooms; some offer free decoder systems plus the dish, some exclude the remote controls, some exclude the extra decoder system, or some even exclude the dish system. There are fraud deals everyway on the Internet so you are advised to shop wisely and get along only with those who are authorized by the Dish Network or DirecTV authorities.

2. Do you offer a 30-days full money return guarantee? Most Internet vendors offer a month of cooling off period for shoppers. This is indeed necessary for consumers as buying stuffs online are a bit more risky than buying at the brick-and-mortar shop. You should be given the time to test and use the product before any firm purchase decisions are made. This includes your satellite TV system. So, remember to get a dealer that allows you to get full money back if you are unhappy about the dish system. Thatís point number two.

3. Do you offer free shipping and installation? Donít be foolish. Gone are the days where you need to pay for big bucks on the satellite TV system installations. Nowadays, you get your dish systems installed for free. Do not fall into the fraud deal that requires you to pay extremely high installation fees.

4. Any special promotion? Chances are some satellite TV dealers are offering special incentive gifts for their first time customers. Do look around the dealer websites and check on their latest promotions. Some might be offering more than just free satellite TV systems. As a wise consumer, you should be willing to take more time in studying different dealer so you are entitled to the best satellite TV deal.

5. Dish Network or DirecTV? When you are looking and searching for satellite TV deals, most probably you will spend lots of time deciding Dish Network or DirecTV to go for.

Both DirecTV and Dish Network are practically similar -- both offer free satellite TV systems up to 4 rooms, more than 250 program selections, integrated digital video recording (DVR) capabilities, high definition TV (HDTV) capabilities, astonishing picture and sound quality and award-winning 24-hour customer services.

Where they differ is in the programming choices. Dish Network offers more International and movie channels while DirecTV seems more attractive to sports fans as they provide a much better coverage on sports programming. If you love football, DirecTV will be your first pick because their NFL Sunday Tickets will be covering every football game thru out the whole season. If you are a movie fans and would like to enjoy more on International channels, Dish Network is the service to go for.

Getting a reliable satellite TV dealer is extremely important if you want your satellite TV without hassles. Consumers are recommended to learn more at the satellite TV providers at here. Article by Teddy Low.