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Creating a Sports Theater in your home

If you're like me, I can't seem to do anything just one thing at a time. I have to be able to do multiple things all the time and that includes watching sports events. Watching one sports event at a time just doesn't work for me, I want to watch multiple sports events and Satellite Sports TV with the right TV makes it easy.

Using either a split screen picture, picture-in-picture (PIP), or multiple televisions you can watch several sports events at the same time. In the world of sports, this is really great because you can watch different sports events at the same time and then be able to switch between the sports events to watch the one with the action at the moment.

Today watching several sports events at the same time is a very simple process. To setup your own sports theater, you need a satellite TV receiver with multiple sports channels and a TV setup to display multiple sports channels. Satellite TV Sports allow you to have multiple sports programs on the same TV or separate TVs at the same time.

If you want more than two sports programs at once, Sports Satellite TV also has packages where you can add additional TV's, up to four per dish, onto one satellite system. This means you can be watching four different sports programs at once. Being able to watch four sports events continuously can really make you a sports authority. Being a sports authority means you can talk sports with anybody and having seen the sports event you will know what is actually happening.

Without a huge amount of money, you can watch up to four sports programs at the same time and do it within a reasonable budget. There are several different ways you can watch multiple sports programs.

One is using several TV's and the correct satellite TV receiver to watch two to four sports channels at the same time. Satellite TV providers have receivers that will do either two TV's or split screen of two channels on the same TV. Using this kind of satellite receiver, you can use a big screen TV to do side-by-side split screen or use multiple smaller TV's to watch different receiver channels at the same time.

So, if you really want to be "The Sports Authority" and get all the sports events that you can handle, then going with satellite and multiple TV images is really the way to go. The two main things to look at are the TV's and satellite TV receiver being used. Dish network provides several options including a high-definition DVR system that allows you to do split-screen automatically from the unit itself. This means using your existing TV, you can watch different sports events right on the screen at the same time.

If you want to have more sports, you can use separate receivers and multiple TV's to get up to four sports events from one satellite dish. TVs like the Mitsubishi 65 inch big-screen allow you to have split screen right on the television in a native mode. This means you can have multiple satellite inputs viewed on two screens and switch between sports events on the two sides. By setting up favorites on your satellite remote, you can then quickly flip between different sports events on each one of the split-screen sides.

To get even more events you can either add additional TV's or get a different kind of TV that handles what is known as picture-in-picture. This will allow you to have multiple sports events on the screen at the same time. These TV's tend to cost a bit more money and some models are a little problematic. So be careful with which TV's you select for this particular methodology, but it can be great for watching multiple sports events.

The lesser expensive method is to simply pick up some low-end TV's to use as side monitors and have your main television showing the sports program you want to watch at the moment. Use the side TV's to monitor other sports programs on different receivers and switch to the sports event with action on the main TV when you see it happening on one of the monitors.

Using satellite TV receivers and a few TV's, you can have a home Sports Theater that will make you "The Sports Authority". So put your Sports Theater together now and start having those sports parties with all your friends.