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Live Sports from all over the world

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this legal?
Yes, 100% Legal.

Do I have to buy any extra equipment?
Nothing at all! All that you need is the software and an internet connection.

Do I have to pay any subscription charges?
No, absolutely not! There are no monthly or any other recurring payments.

Can I watch channels on my TV?
It is possible to connect a PC or laptop to your TV, but it depends on what connections you have on the equipment. More details here...

Will this software run on an Apple Mac?
Sorry no Mac version. It will run on any version of Windows.

How do I get the software?
You can download the package from our website or we can send it to you as a file attachment by email, or on a CD by post. The package is password protected. Once you have paid for it we will send you an unlock code to open the contents. This will contain full instructions for you to install the software

Can I use this software anywhere in the World?
Yes. This software will run on any PC in the world.

How many stations will I get?
This software will bring you over 2000 Stations (News, Movies, Sports, News, Music, Radio, etc.) from all over the world including local, regional and international broadcasts.

General Entertainment and Special Interest Channels

What type of live sports can I view?
You can watch baseball, soccer, rugby, cricket, motor racing, tennis, basketball, baseball and many other sports from around the world.

Can I use the software on more than one PC?
Yes. You can install it on any number of PCs.

Do I need any technical knowledge?
No. Just follow the instructions to install the program and you will soon be watching Satellite channels on your PC.

What You Get

Movies  ·  Music Channels  ·  News  ·  Entertainment  ·  Live football
General Sports (including Golf, Boxing, Pool and Basketball)  ·  Formula one
Hundreds of International channels from all around the world
Cartoons  ·  General Interest Channels  ·  Special Interest Channels
Thousands of worldwide Radio Stations