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Watch Premier League football on European Satellite

Are you a football fan?

Do you want to see all the Premier league games, including 3pm matches on TV?
And get it all cheaper than Sky?

Yes? Well you can and quite legally. A European ruling has declared it legal for people in the UK to subscribe to cheaper overseas satellite channels. The European Court of Justice has ruled that British broadcasters cannot legally stop UK based viewers from looking elsewhere for a better deal as to do so would contravene European trade principles.

A word of caution to any pub landlord who might be reading this. Private home viewing of overseas channels is allowed under this ruling, but to show them to the public would be a breach of copyright.

You could make substantial savings compared to Sky and also get the benefit of watching the many games that kick off 3pm Saturdays. They are not allowed to be shown in the UK but are broadcast overseas.

So what do you need to watch football on European Channels?

A satellite dish. Your existing dish will not work. It has to point in a different direction.
Get a dish 80 cm diameter or more. European broadcasts are weaker than UK channels. You will need a motorised dish if you want to watch channels from different satellites.

Then you need a Satellite receiver. Your existing Sky Box or Freesat box will not be flexible enough to get the satellites that you want. There are plenty to choose from.

The dish should be wall mounted in such a position that it has a clear line of site to the satellites. Anywhere that has a clear view of the sky from East to West without being obscured by buildings or trees should be okay.

Now you need to point the dish in the direction of the satellite that you want to receive. Here are a couple of useful websites to help you.

A motorised dish is a great help, it can be programmed to automatically point to the different satellites.

If you do not want the DIY approach to this then you will probably find a local arial/dish supplier who could the while job for you.

Happy Viewing!